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Pizza boxes

ARLE Ltd. was found on May 6th, 1991. At first, the company focused mainly on trade, shortly after, in 1993, after significant technological transformation, the company began to spezialize in the paper industry. Many pizzerias and boutiques were created, lacking packaging solutions for their products. The company paid special attention to this "gap" in the industry, and began full production expansion, and tapered its technology and machinery to these special market demands. Our main activites in the paper packaging production are the followings:

  • Paper box production, crates, trays, using E, B, C corruga- ted paper board. Currently our main area of activity is the pro- duction of pizza boxes, cake boxes, and other die cut boxes.
  • The raw materials used in our production lines meets today's HACCP environmental and quality specifications. Our boxes have OÉTI permits.
  • The paper waste resulting from production is compressed by our own press machine, delivered in bales, and reused to make new paper.
Phone number: +36 (42)500 400
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Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Matróz u. 1/A
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